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SOA ArchitectureFlexible Open Stable Strong Expansibility

500 Professional Technical Staff,Well Developed Product System

Providing innovative solutions for business needs is at the heart of what we do. At BEST, our research and development team (R&D) discovers, initiates, develops and engages in projects that address major challenges in the supply chain industry.

No two businesses are alike. We empower your business by customizing and tailoring solutions to fit your business model.

Products and Services
  • Integrated Supply Chain Solutions
  • Freight Systems
  • Express Systems

Provides one-stop integrated supply chain services

From the initial planning to final mile delivery, we have specialized teams to help you in every step of your way.

Sophisticated and reliable software architecture

BEST Cloud is committed to providing BEST Freight with continuous innovations, operation management, accounting management, daily operation guides, and on-site peripheral management system. Our system provides real-time reports and reminders to assist our users with decision- making.

Our information system is the backbone of express services

BEST Cloud supports express services in terms of delivery management, transportation management, information security, accounting services and other daily operation management. Our information system provides data analysis and optimized solutions.


    BEST Clouds is able to providing prescription of efficient and flexible e-commerce warehousing to realize custom-made processes for different clients through configuring. Furthermore, it also provides value added services such as nationwide warehouse shipment, order booking management, merchandise management. In the time of increasingly individual demand of e-commerce, it is able to meet the requirements of selective clients.

  • BEST E-Cross

    Provides independent solutions of e-business dispatch and delivery management to costumers; based on historical records, ageing, quality of service, quotation package, it determines the best delivery company; it monitors the package shipping during the whole process, sends automatic reminders of dispatch, receipts and abnormalities. Although clients deliver goods through their own warehouses, they can also be easily served with delivery choice services, which will free the clients from the complicated express management.

  • BEST Shipment

    Provides customers with e-business deliver platforms, warehouse delivery and other automation management platforms. Through seamless integration of excellent warehouse and excellent delivery choice, it realizes the whole seamless link of e-business clients logistics services; it helps to thoroughly solve the problems of inventory accuracy and carriers’ reconciliation, ect, hence improving the practicality and integrity of the logistics solution, and e-service level of clients substantially.

  • Supply Chain Integration

    In the convention of third-party domain, the business systems group of contract logistics BEST logistic is not traditional. The whole system group is tightly encircled around two main dynamic lines of "storage”, "delivery", including electronic data interchange (EDI) technology, along with more-flexible-organization, multi-level SaaS implementation environment, so it is able to provide customers with deep supply chain integration, high-end logistics services such as cooperative operations of storage and transportation and so on; this is where relies the enterprise core competitiveness towards domestic and international high-end market.

Core Power

High Availability, High Reliability, High Flexibility

Ten-Billion-level data processing, 7 * 24 non-stop service
Respond to big business fluctuations
Virtual technology, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) architecture

Technology of big data storage and processing

Big data storage (100 T Level )
Cluster made by 14 servers
Professional data analysis and process mining

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Big data storage (100 T Level)
Cluster made by 14 servers
Professional data analysis and process mining

EAI (Enterprises Application Integration)

One-stop supply chain services
Flexible business application integration
Loose coupling business system establishment

Mobile Internet

Up-to-date internet technology and applications
Integrated cutting-edge mobile application technology, such as image recognition and global position system (GPS).
Improve productivity
Provide premium customer service