BEST Express provides parcels delivery services.
As of September 2017, we have over 21,100 service stations, and more than 2,400 line-haul routes.

Standard Delivery

Available 365 days a year; Value-Added Services; Payment on Delivery; Insurance Coverage; Proof of Delivery; Time-window delivery.

BEST Express provides efficient and reliable door-to-door delivery services in 33 provinces of China.
  • On-time Delivery Service
  • Secure Delivery Service
  • Efficient Service

Taobao Recommended Service Provider

Taobao, the most visited e-commerce marketplace in China, recommended BEST Express to their users for delivery service.

  • - Seamless Synchronization
  • - Professional Teams
  • - Deliver Customer Service Excellence

Customized Delivery Service

BEST Express provides customized delivery services to ensure your shipment arrives safely and remains intact.

Customized delivery services include:

  • - Highest level of ground protection using specialized cars and a dedicated security team
  • - Constant shipment monitoring and milestone updates
  • - Signature Authorization
  • - Insurance Coverage

Payment on Delivery

This service is currently available in China only.

Based on the sender-recipient agreement, payment can be made on delivery and collected by BEST Express associates. Per request, the collected payment can be transferred to the sender on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
Deliver Instruction

In conformity with the express mail carrier, payment on delivery is applicable to goods whose value is within 2500 yuan (included).

You need to provide the receipts of payment corresponding to the cargo, such as the payment invoice as in the original. If the customer and the recipient agreed not to send the receipt of payment, the payment bill will be in accordance with the collection.

Please call your local site for enquiries.

Insurance Service

BEST Express offers declared value coverage. The sender can declare value of the package to protect against loss or damage.

To request this value-added service, please fill out the “declare value” column on a waybill.
Deliver Instruction

1. Express declared cost shall not exceed the express delivery actual cost; for the file type, the highest declared value cannot exceed 2000 yuan; for the non-file type, the highest declared value cannot exceed 5000 yuan.

2. If there is no established insurance , BEST Express's compensation for the actual value of the loss for costumer on a monthly balance does not exceed the limit of five times the freight fee; for clients not on a monthly balance, compensation for the actual value of the loss does not exceed the limit of three times the freight fee. If the insurance value has been established, according to the declared value of the goods shipped and the loss percentage proportion; when the declared value of the shipment goods is higher than the actual value, BEST Express provides compensation according to the actual value of compensation.

Proof of Delivery

We provide comprehensive proof of delivery information, such as time of delivery, delivery address, name and signature of the person who accepted your shipment.

Time-window Delivery

With time-window delivery service, you can select a specific time-window to control over when packages are delivered. Your payment method will be billed upon successful delivery of your shipment.

Deliver Instruction

1. Limited Time Delivery Guarantee only effective for the first delivery; for instance, if the first time delivery is not signed or is refused by the receiver, the following delivery won't receive such guarantee.

2. Limited Time Delivery Guarantee only for domestic express delivery; because it is affected by uncertain factors of customs clearance, this guarantee does not apply to DHL.

3. Limited Time Delivery Guarantee does not apply when the method of payment of the freight bill needs to be changed after delivery of the items.

4. Refunds are not in cash or other payment methods, but they will all be deducted from the payer's monthly balance.

5. In case of the following circumstances, BEST Express does not assume Limited Time Delivery Guarantee:

1) Delivery delay caused by air disaster, war, riots, strikes, unrest, governmental action, customs or national quarantine department's action, weather conditions and other major forces;
2) Delivery delay in case the client provided an imprecise or erroneous receiver's address or mistakes;
3) Change of delivery method or the recipient's address due to costumer's personal reason;
4) Goods receiving and delivery during national statutory holiday (including Saturday, Sunday) ;
5) In case the sender did a false declaration or intentionally hid the items' contents which resulted in the airport security check;
6) In case of returned goods (except generated freight) or in case the cargo contains dangerous goods;
7) In case the receiver's address is not in a commercial area, such as warehouse, dock, airport and so on;
8) In case the maximum weight of the single item exceeds 80 kilograms, or the dimensions exceeds1.2 m * 1.2 m * 1.2 m, or the maximum weight of the single express shipment exceeds 200 kg;
9) In case of returned items under self pick up service and payment on delivery.