As of September 2017, we have over 7,500 service stations, and more than 2,400 line-haul routes.

How It Works?

Service Guarantee

  • Advanced logistics information management system

    Our information management system monitors the entire delivery process from initial order to final delivery. It allows our customers to track their shipments throughout the entire process.

  • Extensive distribution network

    Our extensive distribution network serves 95% of China's territory, including major cities, local districts and suburban areas.

  • Stable and reliable carriageway network

    More than one hundred secure carriageways inside East China regions, South China areas, and between East China and South China area.

On-time Delivery

Value-added Freight Service

  • 1. Upstairs Delivery

    For packages that weigh 50kg or less, we provide upstairs delivery (including walk-up or underground floors)

  • 2. Receipt Return

    We provide evidence of delivery by returning a signed receipt to the sender.

  • 3. Freight Charge at Destination

    Freight payment can be made by the receiving party.

  • 4. Unpacking Inspection

    We provide pre-shipment inspection to ensure that every shipment complies with your standard.

  • 5. Warehousing Operation

    We provide warehouse operation and customer declaration services.