The Most Beautiful Courier Li Yuanming was Published in the Cover of Express


Recommendation of Evaluation Board of "Look for the Most Beautiful Courier" 

In an industry with young men as the main force people call you "Elderly Li". The years have engraved on your face, but you choose to deliver with smile; you convey the sincerity to provide service by heart even though your feet are disabled; you won high comments from 2,000 clients in a busy day on "November 11th" to interpret the meaning of little courier serving the public. 

On April 29th.

It was 2:00 a.m. Li Yuanming woke up and tossed in the bed restlessly. 

"I have to deliver more than 200 parcels a day. Can my brothers in the office handle these?" He worried when he thought of this and made a decision to "come back earlier". In order not to disturb the roommates, he walked out the door quietly till 5:00 a.m.

Under the dim lights, the remote Beijing was so close to him. Although it was the first time for Elderly Li to visit Beijing and he wanted to visit Tian'anmen Square very much, his attention was all drawn by the parcels. He thought he had visited Beijing as long as he walked on the street. Therefore, he staggered on the street because of excitement, anxiety and concern.

At 9:17 a.m., when the emcee called the name of Elderly Li, when he stood on the "most beautiful" stage to take the trophy, we saw tears streamed down from his face. He had never expected the respect and recognition. He had never expected that the express sent him to Beijing and made him the "most beautiful courier". Therefore, he didn't tell his wife what he was doing in Beijing until he stood on this stage. At that moment, he wanted to share this glory and joy with his wife who had supported him silently all the time. 

In the interview Elderly Li recalled his five-year in this industry. He worked in industry since 2009, but he was not sure whether he could persist on. For him, he had to endure the loneliness and suffer huge physical consumption. 

In 2009, Elderly Li was 45 years old. An accident made one of his feet disabled when he was 16. Therefore, Elderly Li didn't have high expectation on himself as long as "he didn't do worse than others". He encouraged himself that he won even though he caught up with others. At the first day he delivered 70 parcels! Five years later, he delivers more than 200 parcels a day. In December, he delivered over 7,000 parcels. 

Whenever there were young new recruits, they would sometimes ask Elderly Li to teach them experience. However, he could not make any principles. "Pay attention to the speed to sort out your parcels and delivery speed. Pay attention to the communication with clients and insist on!" Be familiar with skillful with your job! Elderly Li has pictured a map in his brain in five years. As long as it is a parcel within his service area, he can plan a route immediately by a glance at the address and find out a BEST method to deliver the parcel. It is a map with coordinates, habits of clients, such as who needs to move the large parcel, who has urgent parcel, and who won’t be at home till night. Of course, Elderly Li doesn't know what is the BEST route and customer experience, let alone "turning right economy". He only knows he has done a good job when his customers say "right timing", "good job". He is pleased to receive high comment from customers, "When he says thank you, it is the respect to me."

At the beginning, he just didn't want to do worse than others but afforded the family with his own efforts. Now he insists on and does better than many others. He has time to accompany his old parents; his child learns well in high school and he provides economic support to him; these make him satisfied. He always believes that he is an old soldier of the veterans and he believes he will "engage in this industry till he could not move!"

Without heroic utterance he moves forward silently. We want to say, "Elderly Li, you did a good job!"