Xinhua News Agency:BEST Express Brand Upgrading, Global Shopping "One-stop Delivery"


On May 29th, BEST Express released its brand service upgrading at the 4th China (Beijing) International Service Trade Fair (referred to as "Beijing Trade Fair"). In addition, BEST Express mascot "Dear" made his international debut.

BEST Express released its mascot "Dear"

Efficiency Enhance: Leverage Technology Innovation to Improve Service Quality

Data show that in March this year, " BEST Express" brand officially released, with "Enrich Life, Express Joy" as its goal, aimed to provide consumers with better express services. BEST Express is originally known as Huitong Express, which was acquired by BEST Group in November 2010, then it developed quickly with more than 100% average annual growth rate, and currently it boasts more than 16,000 branches and more than 130,000 delivery staff.

"The rapid development is inseparable from the support of efficient management and innovative technology. How to improve the efficiency of delivery is continuous investigatory and practical subject of BEST." Management from BEST Express mentioned, "The self-developed Storm Automated Sorting Line(????), adopting big data, cloud computing, and intelligent terminals to dramatically improve sorting efficiency by three times and achieve accuracy of 99.9%."At present, the system has been put into service in the distribution center of seven major cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hangzhou. According to plan, about 21 sets of automatic sorting system will be deployed in other cities before "11.11 Peak Day" in 2016. Scanner Ring(???), which has caused widespread concern in 2014 Beijing Trade Fair, was used in all of the BEST express distribution center after functional upgrading.

"The application of these technologies, not only economizes on manpower, but also improves sorting efficiency, ensuring the quality and timeliness of delivery." The management said, "These innovative technology and equipment have been ‘armed' to deliveryman."

In 2015, BEST Express launched an intelligent APP called "Tathagata Palm(????)". This APP is designed for BEST deliveryman, which can not only facilitates parcel pickup, parcel delivery and also can support inquiry function and mobile payment. So that way, it is much easier for deliveryman to provide better service with lower time cost.

Network Expansion: Expand Global Express Network under BEST Group

Network coverage of express is the basis of its development. At present, the coverage of BEST Express in the districts and cities within China has reached 100%, the county coverage has reached 98%, and township coverage was more than 70%. In 2014, BEST Express set up service stations in Hong Kong and Macao; and in 2015, achieved strategic cooperation with Taiwan Pelican Express. Data show that BEST Express has more than 280 distribution centers, and the area will reach nearly 1.2 million sq. by the end of this year.

BEST Express daily average volume is exceed 7 million parcels till now, ranked first echelon in the industry. On November 11, 2015, daily order amount was more than 25million, up 170% over the same period last year.

At present, express industry is expanding its business to manufacturing and cross boarder e-commerce on the basis of commercial and network express delivery, carrying out "downward" "westward" and "outward" project. Data show that before the 2014 Third Beijing Trade Fair, BEST had already deployed global warehousing and express network resources to support China-based customers with broader services worldwide.

With the upgrade of BEST service, the Global Shopping "One-stop Delivery" service will satisfy Chinese consumers' needs of "stay-at-home global purchase".

Consumers can inquiry status of oversea goods through BEST Express official service account in WeChat, Alipay or other channels, enhancing the satisfaction of overseas transit experience.

Up till now, BEST Express business has covered more than 200 countries and regions, serviced more than 300 cross-border customers. What's more, average daily cross-border volume is more than 20,000. "One-stop Delivery" will continuous carried out in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea and so on.

BEST Group Overseas Warehouse (U.S.A)

BEST Group Overseas Warehouse (Japan)

Service Upgrade: Further Advance its Value Added Services in Community

"In fact, perfect network distribution is indispensable factor for express delivery to gain rapid development, but improving last mile service capacity is also important." According to the management of BEST Express, "BEST Neighbor(????) is one of the representative products and innovative service model of BEST's trials to integrate resources and enhance its last mile delivery network.

From 2015, BEST Express cooperates with small and micro businesses to launch community value-added services "BEST Neighbor(????)" across the country, focusing on the "last 100 meters" of delivery. Through cooperation with Best, Small and micro stores like flower shops, convenience stores are becoming "BEST Neighbor" service station to provide services such as self-pickup. At present, agents are more than 100,000 across the country.

"The rapid development of e-business and logistics has totally changed the way of consumption, and also has bred many new demand points in traditional service industry." After one-year market research, In June 2015, O2O laundry item Youlexi (???) started its test running in Shanghai. It can not only promote the communitization and localization of express services, but also can provide consumers with a new laundry mode. At present, Youlexi Laundry has covered Shanghai, Changchun, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing and so on, relying on Best Express network, Youlexi laundry will gradually cover the whole country.

"The brand image of BEST Express is upgrading, delivery service is improving, and newly launched products and services are much closer to the needs of young people." BEST Express management said, "In the next step, BEST Express will work together with BEST Supply Chain, BEST Freight, BEST Cloud, BEST Capital, BEST Global, BEST Store to expand BEST ecosystem where information flow drives business flow, logistics and capital flow."