Zhejiang Online: Break Through —1,309 BEST Staff Successfully Set a New Guinness World Record


June 13, Sanya, Hainan, the ground temperature exceeded 50 ?. After two-hour's high temperature, 1309 BEST Freight (Best Group's LTL Logistics Brand) staff successfully create the largest truck pattern to set a new Guinness World Record. Being famous for its militarization management, BEST Freight achieved a self-challenge by such a special training.

On that day, BEST Freight held the national network conference of 2016 to explore its business development and service network throughout the country, and also released the mascot "Carryman".

Challenge Guinness Records, Carry Forward Corporate Culture

The success of breaking the Guinness Word Record is very exciting news for BEST Freight, the Vice President of BEST Logistics and General Manager of BEST Freight Zhou Jun said, "The purpose of organizing this activity is to challenge ourselves."

BEST Freight staff managed to create the largest truck pattern to set a new Guinness World Record

Zhou Jun said, "Since its establishment in 2007, BEST has grown from a team of twenty-odd people with IT and supply chain background to a group of nearly 180,000 talents who cover seven business units: Technology, Supply Chain, Express, Freight Financial and etc. BEST takes full advantage of its technology base and innovation spirit, constantly challenge itself with proven track record which has created a lot of industries Guinness."

In fact, the rapid development cannot be separated from the militarization management of BEST Freight. Zhou Jun said: "Creating the largest people-made truck pattern Guinness Records is the demonstration of BEST Freight's service concept -High Speed, High Efficiency and Standardization."

BEST Freight staff managed to create the largest truck pattern to set a new Guinness World Record

Rising of Large E-commerce Package Accelerates the Revolution of Freight Industry

The transportation service of Less-than-Truck-Load in a network and standardized way is called LTL freight in logistics, whose business covers from large e-commerce package to tons of goods. The BEST Freight is a dark horse emerged in freight market in recent years.

At present, the penetration of cosmetics?IT?maternal and infant products is very deep in e-business, but the penetration of household items and large appliances is less than 10%. So the latter has begun to attract attention of e-commerce practitioner.

Zhou Jun said the rise of large e-commerce package has accelerates the revolution of freight industry. Large items based industries like furniture and appliances is gradually changing from extensive development to segmentations. The logistics industry is changing as well. In March this year, BEST Freight launched a new product "Huixin Parcel (???)", extending its service into 5-60KG "large package" areas. Thus, BEST freight's product classification is much subdivided and perfect to achieve personalized service.

Zhou Jun introduced, "In the first month, the volume of "Huixin Parcel" only accounted for 1%. But after two months the rate has increased to 8%, and income proportion reached 17%, showing the huge demand of this market. "Huixin Parcel" is emerged because of market demand, from microwave ovens to large appliances, all kinds of furniture and appliances can be delivered home. In order to solve the delivery problem, all network of BEST Freight are equipped with automatic load climbing machine, which improves the last mile delivery quality and service capability.

Three Core Competitiveness Support BEST Freight to Innovate Business Model

With the continuous development of e-business industry, logistics industry is becoming a new power of national economic development. According to public data, the current LTL market volume is more than 500 billion yuan. According to China Logistics Association researcher Yang Daqing, among 20 trillion e-business trading volume, about 70% is B2B. In B2B segment, freight is accounting for a large proportion which is still growing.

"Besides BEST, SF and ZTO also put freight as an independent business sector to vigorously develop. However, the freight market is Red Sea where concentration ratio is low and competition is fierce, especially after a number of truck-goods matching software platform setting up, the situation of resource dispersal will continue." Yang Daqing said this situation is favorable for enterprise like BEST Freight who has complete network and comprehensive services capacity, for it can maximize the benefits through big data and supply chain management.

Now, BEST Freight has already owned three core competiveness---information, standardization, and productization. In fact, the diverse and standardized products as well as the rapid development of market cannot be separated from BEST Group's strategic layout. BEST Group combines the Internet, information technology and traditional logistics services to create a new business model to integrate the logistics industry.

At present, BEST Group's BEST Supply Chain, BEST Express and BEST Freight are accelerating their integration. Under the fierce external competitive environment, BEST will build a one-stop collaborative platform by its technology so that they can complement one another. They will build modern commercial infrastructure services by connecting storage?transportation?last mile distribution services and commercial circulation. At the same time, BEST Cloud, BEST Supply Chain, BEST Freight, BEST express, BEST Capital, BEST Global and BEST Store will parallel develop to expand BEST ecosphere where information flow drives business, logistics and capital flow.

In addition, in this year's BEST Freight Network Conference, the mascot "Carryman" whose prototype is a horse made its first appearance. BEST Freight always implement militarization management. Moreover, the hard-working and enterprising spirit of horse conform to the "Orange troop" image of BEST Freight.

BEST Freight released its mascot "Carryman"