BEST E-CrossManage the entire supply chain from the first mile to the last mile

Our logistics information system, developed by BEST R&D team, allows our customers to keep track of the express, freight and supply chain status in one place.

Overall performance of supply chain management is optimized in terms of quality, lead time and cost.

"First Mile"(from the manufacturers to the distribution centers, platforms, convenience stores and so on)

"Last Mile"(from the distribution centers, Cross Dock express delivery to the retail shops and so on)

  • - Designed solutions

    Logistics problem diagnosis, operational data analysis, solutions solving, operation process design

  • - Transportation management

    Purchase logistics, distribution logistics, reverse logistics, warehouse transfer

  • - Distribution management

    Retail shops distribution, convenience stores distribution, e-commerce platform distribution, home distribution

  • - One-stop service

    Orders check, on the road - tracking, service assistance, anomalies handling, bill return

  • - Reconciliation statement

    United signed agreement, united reconciliation statement, invoicing

  • - Value-added services

    Insurance purchase, collection of goods payment, goods storage, labeling service, packaging replacement, etc

  • - System support

    Orders management system (OMS), exception management system (EM), transportation management system (TMS), distribution management system (DMS), vehicle monitoring system (GPS), mobile APP data monitoring device.

How Do We Add Values?

Cost Efficiency

  • Effective resources integration
  • Optimized orders integration

Focus on User Experience

  • Analyze new visitors and returned visitors
  • Logistics information and updates
  • Superior customer service

Upgrade Customer Value

  • Save on administrative costs
  • One-stop transportation management
  • Standard business procedures
  • Transportation monitoring
  • Leading management system
  • Operation reports delivery

First Mile

Delivery platforms: one-stop transportation and warehouse service from retailer's warehouse to electronic platforms ( VIP, JD, TMall, Amazon, YHD)

  • VIP Distribution Network
  • JD Distribution Network

Last Mile

Direct Store Delivery: retail stores delivery, retail allocation, returns and refunds.

  • Direct Store Delivery

To Get Started

  • 1. Understanding BEST E-Cross services and products
  • 2. Contact our associates regarding your requests
  • 3. Receive a service plan and quotation
  • 6. Monitor daily operation and service level
  • 5. Activate BEST system
  • 4. Sign an agreement

BEST E-Cross Customer

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